Mach Loop Frequencies

If you are thinking of purchasing an aviation scanner, our guide on which Air-band scanner to buy may help.

If you are planning on visiting the Mach Loop and are bringing an Air-Band Radio Scanner, you may wish to program in the following radio frequencies:-

  • 278.000 – NATO Low level
  • 280.350 – West ICF
  • 292.525 – Lichfield Radar Corridor
  • 128.700 – London Mil Central
  • 133.900 – London Mil West

This article is work in progress, so please leave a comment if you can add any further information you’d like to share.

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  1. hi my name is james leach ive got a yupiteru mvt-7100 scanner and 10mm arial I live in broughton near chester wood I pick anything up what are the freqinces for 2015 or are there the same whats on the website if you what to contact me email me with the iformation thanks

    1. Chester is probably a little too far away to pick up the transmissions from the Mach Loop. You would have to be in the Mach Loop area to get them due to the terrain. Also the frequencies may change quite often. So keep a look out on this website for further frequency inputs.

    2. I would be interested to know whether anyone organises trips to see the planes etc

      1. I doubt it as its pot luck if you see any of the aircraft on any given day

  2. hi my name is james leach ive got a yupiteru mvt-7100 scanner and 10mm arial I live in broughton near chester wood I pick anything up what are the freqinces for 2015 or are there the same whats on the website if you what to contact me email me with the iformation

  3. Hello i am interested in going to visit the mach loop for the first time could you please help in telling me the best place to be for the first time

    1. Hi , I am also interested in a visit to the Loop and need more information . If you find some interesting items could you forward them to me also ?
      Jerry Fleck Grand Junction , Colorado U.S.A.

    2. The best place that I know is on top of the pass on the from Machynlleth to Dolgellau. Or my back garden in Dinas Mawddwy. People also climb up the mountain in Dinas and view from there.

    3. Put B4405 Tywyn in sat Nav and you won’t miss the car park on right when you near destination nor the plenty of photographers up the mountain. From the car park you will see the ascent path up the mountain to obtain better viewing

      1. Thank you for the information. We are in New Quay next week (17th onwards) and as a keen amateur photographer I have talked my wife in to trying to find mach loop. So far I saw ideas for Bwlch and for Cad east/west car park. Is your suggestion better than those? all help appreciated lol. (Also I am a townie so a crap navigator out of town so will be trying to use my sat nav lol.)

  4. Do you have a list of dates 2016 the training will start as me and few friends would like to go up on the bikes

    1. Planning the same ride too. Any luck with timetables or even a route? Cheers, Al

  5. Can you please confirm the latest 2016 Scanner Freqs to have for the Loop/LFA7 to get a heads up on traffic?

  6. Great to see the interest on fast jets at low level.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. hi guys ,

    I am looking to get to the mac loop June 1st ! do you know any times or if I will see anything at all

  8. I hope to be there on Wednesday 6 July 2106 . What weather conditions preclude flying? Is it correct to say that 9am will be early enough? Cheers

  9. I’m in north wales on holiday next week and would love to plan a trip to visit the Mach loop ,i know exact times probably won’t be available , are there any pointers other than the weather and the raf times on the mod website as to when would be the best day to go , thanks

      1. This only applies to the Tango areas, it does not mean there won’t be any flying before or after the stated times. When a Tango is active it means a certain activity is happening and flying activity not associated isn’t allowed in the area during this time.

  10. Would love to photograph these flights but have a few questions before even considering planning a trip. Your help greatly appreciated.
    1: Do they fly this time of year , what is best day??
    2: is any point suitable for disabled to view/photograph – climbs out of question.
    3: is scanner essential.
    Have found official pages with timetables but full of ifs/buts/maybe etc that is so typical of these official sites.
    Thanks for any responses, in advance…

  11. I live in the Scottish borders, directly under the flight path of LFA20. I’d like to have more notice of a flyby so I can grab my camera and get outside. At the moment it’s a case of “there’s one just gone by”.

    If I get a radio scanner and listen in to these frequencies will they inform me of activity on that particular day? What can you hear on these frequencies?


  12. Hi guys.
    we are planning on going to the Mach loop between 22nd-25th October in our motorhome,does anyone know if there are any flights schduled for those days?
    Many thanks in advance.

  13. Just a general reply to lots of similar questions asked above, there is no timetable that covers when aircraft will visit the loop. It is completely pot luck.
    The only certainty I can offer is that there will be no flying over the weekend (with very rare exceptions), and most bases close down Friday lunchtimes so expect little or no traffic on Friday afternoon.
    In terms of weather affecting flying I can only speak from my limited experience of the loop and say that heavy rain won’t stop traffic but it will significantly reduce the chance of a flypast. RAF seem to be more tolerant of rain and cloud and mainly continue regardless, but USAF pilots seem to actively avoid any chance of rain.

    Hope this helps someone. As I said above, this is from my limited experience of visiting plus lots of lurking on forums and reading threads on the subject.

  14. Hi i have a icom IC-R20
    Is it any good for the mach loop?
    Iv used it at Airshows & Airports
    It has an 2nd hand old whip antenna on it ..say on it MRW 100.
    Iv heard to put a Watson W-881 or
    W-889 SUPER GAINER ANTENNA on it makes it better?
    Any tips and help on this please
    Thank you.

  15. Can anyone offer any advice on makes/models of scanners please? I’d hate to buy something that just isn’t up to the job.
    Many thanks,

  16. Hello my name is Wesley Steele from Nashville, TN( U.S.) My father served in the USAF in England during the mid 60’s working on aircraft. I grew up going to US airshows across the Eastern US all throughout my life, I’m now 37. Recently through youtube I came upon the videos of the Mach loop. I’d love to travel there with my dad to get a chance at watching these jets in the mountains. My father is now 73 and is capable of moderate hikes but nothing strenuous or steep, me on the other hand I hike every weekend. Can anyone advise me as to the most optimal time of year to watch the jets and the best place for viewing for my dad? I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Most common time of year is summer as it gives the best weather and most clear conditions, not bank holidays or weekends & only in good weather. Go up not expecting to see anything and be thankful if you do see anything. Best viewing spot i’d say would be Cad East or West.

  17. Hi all…are there any high level viewing areas I could actually drive to and perhaps walk a very short distance, I have restricted, but un-supported, mobility issues and would definitely put in the effort to get to a vantage point next summer.

    Many thanks in advance


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