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  1. Hi there, by a look at the RAF timetable it seems that aircrafts are flying no more than an hour a day in zone LFA 7(T) Central Wales… can you confirm that? I am interested in this area as I would be there from Italy with a circle of friends, for some days in May, but actually I thought they would be flying more during the day.
    Thank you for your help and attention.

  2. My dad is desperate to see this but he doesn’t think he can manage the terrain – he’s an above knee amputee with a bionic leg but stability is poor on uneven surfaces. Is it possible to get to a decent viewing point if he uses his ‘offroad’ mobility scooter or are there any good look out points that are even underfoot?

  3. Hi is it ok to use a scanner to listen to the pilot’s as they come into Mach loop ?
    Just wondering before I go and buy one

  4. Hi there, is there much flying through the mach loop currently (Aug 2021). We are thinking of visit in the next few weeks but have been told unofficially that it’s not being used much. Cheers in advance of any replies

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