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  1. Am still interested in aviation matters after 45 years in various capacities! Love Wales both North and south…married to a Welsh girl from Treorchy Would like exact location of your viewing spots please…can you oblige?

    1. The map here () provides you with a breakdown of the most common vantage points. Generally, the videos you watch are filmed from Cad West or Bwlch (refer to map linked above).

        1. Bonjour Lionel
          Il n’y a pas de liste définitive des moments où la Mach Lopp sera utilisée.
          Desolai Il fait partie d’une gamme d’entraînement militaire et les heures de vol ne sont pas publiées.
          Bon chance

    1. I wonder if certain times or days in the year are better to watch. Would be nice to see a bunch/variety of them flying through.

    1. Mach loop grid references

      Bwlch:-Grid ref SH802167, Latitude 52:44:06N, Longitude 3:46:30W

      Corris:-Grid ref SH734106,Latitude 52:40:44N, Longitude 3:52:26W

      Cad East:-Grid ref SH755133, Latitude 52:42:13N, Longitude 3:50:38W

      Cad West:-Grid ref SH754139, Latitude 52:42:31N, Longitude 3:50:42W

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