Cad West & Cad East -

Cad West & Cad East

Cad West, in the Mach Loop, is a great location if you want a ‘topside’ or ‘level-pass’ view of aircraft. You also get a decent amount of time to prepare following the initial shout of “incoming!”, as the aircraft approach from your left. If you are lucky, they will sometimes take a left in to Corris Corner, potentially giving you the opportunity for a second pass. There is plenty of room for parking, with a steadily advancing climb as you make your way up the hillside.

Cad West

Latitude: 52:42:31N
Longitude: 3:50:42W
Approximate climb: 300 feet
Car park distance: Half a mile
Nearest Post Code: LL40 2SH

Cad West, mach loop

Cad East

Latitude: 52:42:13N
Longitude: 3:50:38W
Approximate climb: 400 feet
Car park distance: One mile
Nearest Post Code: L40 2SH

Cad East, in the Mach Loop, is a the place to visit if you want a ‘topside’ view of aircraft, stunning views as far as Bala and Mount Snowdon on a clear day. The aircraft pass from your right, with plenty of time to prepare. The ascent is relatively lengthy (in Mach loop viewing location terms), but it is worth the effort.

Cad East, mach loop<img src=

This images above are intended purely as a rough guide to finding your way to Cad West and cad East. The arrows provide you a general flow for the climb – be sure to take care and follow the safest route for you.

Photos taken from Cad West or Cad East: Coming soon!
If you would like to share your photographs taken from this location, please drop us an email to We will gladly provide acknowledgment and a link to your portfolio for any that are used.

Respect and consideration!

Please remember that the majority of these locations fall on privately owned land, so take care if crossing fences or gates – and please do not leave any litter.
The same should also be said to parking your vehicle in a considerate and unobstructive manner.

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