Finding the Mach Loop

Map of Mach Loop

If you are planning to visit the Mach loop and are wondering how to find it, we have compiled a list of the most popular viewing locations that include useful information such as lat/long, nearest post code and car parking. You can find the mach loop guides in the menu under ‘Viewing locations’.

Photos taken from Mach Loop: Coming soon!
If you would like to share your photographs taken from this location, please drop us an email to We will gladly provide acknowledgment and a link to your portfolio for any that are used.

Please remember that the majority of these locations fall on privately owned land, so take care if crossing fences or gates – and please do not leave any litter.
The same should also be said to parking your vehicle in a considerate and unobstructive manner.

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    1. I have taken one lady up Cad East who had difficulty walking, it’s about 100yds walk to the watching area. We took a camping chair so she could sit and watch.
      If walking is impossible then the best place to watch from a car would be on the road from Bwlch down to Dinas. As you come down the hill there is a parking space on the right hand side. If you parked facing down the hill you would be able to see the approaching jets through the windscreen and should give you about 5-10 seconds viewing per pass as you would see them come round the spur and then climb towards Bwlch. Some low passes from Hercs of Tornados should look quite good from there. Wind the windows down to get the full noise 🙂
      Just be careful as you pull out of the parking space to continue down the hill.
      The problem with the car park at Bwlch (if you can get a space) or at Cad West is there is little warning so the jet is above you almost instantly.
      Hope that helps.

      1. I was there last Thursday fantastic also the lay-by just before Corrie on the left hand side and get over to the path on the other side.

    2. there is a layby on the main A road but it can get busy – be early 🙂 #bluebadgeneeded

  1. Can you please help does anybody produce a guide regarding
    the Mach Loop.


    Stephen Nolan

  2. my dad is on a mobility scooter and is wanting to visit the mach loop. is there any access for him to join us on our visit. we don’t mind a walk from a car park we are just wanting to make sure it is accessible and a comfortable path for him.

  3. Also, If I am visiting Portmadog, is there an optimal place to view aircraft?

    is it even the correct place and it in the path of the aircraft?

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