Corris Craft Centre (No climbing) -

Corris Craft Centre (No climbing)

The Corris Craft Centre is in the middle of the Mach Loop and provides a flat area for viewing the aircraft. They have a Mach Loop information area with details of the aircraft that fly over the Craft Centre and through the Mach Loop.
There’s free all day parking, 9 craft studios, a café with outdoor seating (great viewing area) plus the King Arthur’s Labyrinth and Corris Mine Explorers underground attractions start here too.

We often get request from those looking to visit the Mach Loop who are unable to climb the hills, so we thought it would be a good idea to show an example of a location that may suit their needs. Although you may not get the top-down view, it is still a great opportunity to experience military low level flying.

Latitude: 52.654219 N Longitude: 3.849665 W

Postcode: SY20 9RF


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