Corris Craft Centre (No climbing)

The Corris Craft Centre is in the middle of the Mach Loop and provides a flat area for viewing the aircraft. They have a Mach Loop information area with details of the aircraft that fly over the Craft Centre and through the Mach Loop.
There’s free all day parking, 9 craft studios, a café with outdoor seating (great viewing area) plus the King Arthur’s Labyrinth and Corris Mine Explorers underground attractions start here too.

We often get request from those looking to visit the Mach Loop who are unable to climb the hills, so we thought it would be a good idea to show an example of a location that may suit their needs. Although you may not get the top-down view, it is still a great opportunity to experience military low level flying.

Latitude: 52.654219 N Longitude: 3.849665 W

Postcode: SY20 9RF


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  1. Hello,

    do aircraft fly the Mach Loop in the month of July – specifically Friday July 20th and in the early evening hours? It is the only date and approximate time I will be able to possibly experience the jet training flights.

    Thanks for any leads or guidance as to the July 2018 date.



    1. Liam,
      MilAir (Military Aircraft) can use The Loop ANY Day and ANY Time! But the Majority is Mon-Fri .. I’ve seen Aircraft through at 07:30am right through to 02:00 – it’s pot-luck! Appreciate this is a Late Response (just seen post Date) .. did you have luck?

  2. Please bare in mind RIAT , Royal International Air Tattoo, is on over that weekend so it will be likely some aircraft will be supporting that event.
    The RAF tends to go on low maning from Friday lunchtime so I would advise you go Monday to Thursday to maximise the chances of seeing so fast jets.

  3. does anyone know anything for the next Friday(24th/05)? I leave in Somerset and will be driving in the morning (3.5 hours driving).

    Thanks in advane

  4. Hi, I am in a wheelchair and would really like to visit Mach Loop one day. It seems that the only place I might be able to go is the Corris Craft Centre so I was wondering if someone could link me to images of what the planes look like from that location. I know it isn’t a top-down view but I am wondering how close they actually are!

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