FSX Mach Loop - All you need to know to fly the virtual mach loop!

FSX Mach Loop


FSX is so yesterday – check out MSFS Mach Loop with the all-new Microsoft Flight Simulator! https://machloop.co.uk/msfs-mach-loop-flying-in-microsoft-flight-simulator/

If you haven’t upgraded to MSFS, you can still read about the older FSX Mach Loop below.

Ever wanted fly the Mach Loop? The good news is, if you cannot afford or fly an aircraft of your own, you can in the virtual land of dreams that is Flight Simulator X!

We’ve put together a collection of Flight Simulator X videos and scenery files, so that you can sample how flying through the mach loop feels in FSX.

FSX Mach Loop Scenery

We’ve found the following software to provide the best combination of stunning realism and good performance. If you have any recommendations for aircraft or scenery files, please do share with us and our visitors by commenting below.

FSX Terrain Mesh for Mach Loop

If you are looking for a free and easy way of adding more realistic terrain data for the mach loop, look no further than ‘FSX ASTER_imp GDEMv2 30m mesh for British Isles‘, which is available as a free download on the Simviation website.

“”imp” means imperfect, as other mesh I have already processed is of areas that have very little vegetation cover – over the land, or has large urban areas. This “imp” mesh will include some slight discrepancies of altitude (in the case of forested areas – by a magnitude sometimes of +15 metres-depending on how tall the trees are, in the jungle or forest canopy) over urban areas, or areas with a lot of vegetation cover – due to the limitations of the ASTER satellites infra red scanning cameras, and the software used to process the DEM data. Areas where there is little vegetation cover, or non urban areas, the terrain should have truer values. But I feel this ASTER DEM data is so good – why let it all go to waste – especially flying over lovely Pacific islands? So you FSX users out there will have to take all this into account when using this mesh. Grateful thanks to ERSDAC, and NASA for making this data freely available to the public. ASTER GDEM Copyright (c) 2009 – 2011 Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (ERSDAC) All rights reserved. ASTER GDEM is a product of METI and NASA.”

Navigate the Mach Loop in FSX

We also found a good discussion on how to navigate the mach loop in FSX, this discussion can be viewed here: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?62091-Mach-Loop-Wales-flightplan

FSX Mach Loop Software and Scenery on Amazon

It is worth noting that you do not require any additional software to fly the loop, but if you are after in sense of realism or detail, additional VFR photo-realistic scenery and detailed mesh elevation data is necessary. We took the opportunity to highlight some of the software used in the videos on this page in the Amazon store below.

FSX Mach Loop Videos

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