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ITV Fighter Pilot : The Real Top Gun – Show Incoming!

Heads up! ‘Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun’ is a new ITV three-part series starting Tuesday 20th August 2019 between 2100-2200.

“This new documentary series follows a trio of fighter pilot recruits as they attempt to become the best of the best – to be selected to fly the RAF’s brand new F35 Lightning jet.

With exclusive access to the Royal Air Force’s brand new £100 million F35 fighter programme and to the Ministry Of Defence’s fast jet recruitment process, this series goes inside the cockpit to bring viewers a vivid insight into the challenges faced by the men and women who aim to become the UK military’s top guns.

The series features a close-up perspective on those on the learning curve aiming to reach the top as well as on already qualified fighter pilots training to fly the massively advanced new F35 aircraft. With just a few months to get ready for the front line, their task is to be fitted up for space-age new suits and helmets, to learn how to steer with their feet – and to familiarise themselves with a jet that can avoid radar, hover, and land vertically.”