Should this website have a forum / message board?

Hi everyone,

Given the popularity of this site other the past few years, we are considering adding a forum or message board!

Before we go ahead and do this, we want to know whether you would use such a feature and if you have any suggestions on how it should be configured.

Initially, we see the forum as having the following sections:

  • Mach Loop Questions & Answers
  • Mach loop discussion and photos
  • General military aviation

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

We look forward to your responses!

23 Replies to “Should this website have a forum / message board?”

  1. Interest to bloggers could be:
    1. Why isn’t there a LFA15? Why was 15 skipped?
    2. Is this area coincidentally the numerical reverse of Area 51 in the USA?

  2. I intend to visit “The Loop” this spring-summer, where would I be best placed-positioned for good shots….? I’m driving down from Manchester.

  3. I Think that a forum on this site would be great, on the forum viewers could discuss Plane sightings around Mach Loop and photography tips/information.
    Im visiting the area later in the year and will take full advantage of this site 🙂

  4. Love the website and a forum sounds like an excellent idea. I was thinking of visiting Mach Loop on 12th December with friends. Are we likely to see anything so late in the year or is it too early to say at the moment? was going to visit CAD West and The Bwlch. We live about 2 hours away so wouldn’t want a wasted journey.

  5. A forum on the same principle as AKA [Anglian Kayak Angling] would be great – we could post our best shots for appraisal – pass on tips and information to each other and generally acquire friends with the same mindset – My son and I travel down to Cad West / East from Lowestoft – I never listened to my mother and I talk to anyone – strangers – friends – axe murderers – even my son – makes no difference to me as long as I can pick their brain and learn something – [my son excluded] so [in a nut shell] YES a forum would be good

  6. Would like to see a forum with advice on when low flying is likely as I’m going to be visiting the UK next June and would love to take in the Mach loop as father was RAF jet pilot.

  7. Have always loved military aircrafts since my I received my first airfix kit when I was 6. A forum would be great. Any heads up on good places for close ups would be appreciated.

  8. I think it would be a great idea, clearly there are people out there with questions and a body of expertise that could be tapped into, as you say, the info from the RAF is a bit thin and we have visitors here from across the world.
    I live in the area, I think they use my chimney pots as a nav point, best views ever.

  9. A Brand New Forum, Properly Moderated would be amazing .. Fox2 is closing down so there’s going to be a VERY big Hole in the net for a Forum .. Frequencies,Spotted/Movements, Photos, Locations, NO BURNER SHOTS ALLOWED … and nothing to do with FaceBook !!
    I’m in the Loop 10 times a year at least

  10. YES, a great idea !
    Please, do it quickly !!

    I’m collecting information to spent there a week in mai or june 2017
    Any info is very welcome.
    Wich is the best “spotters place” …?
    Propose me a good (cheap) B&B or Hotel in the area

    Dany (from Flemish Belgium)

  11. I have only just heard about this area in Wales, and would love to see a forum, giving relevant info. I live in Lincolnshire, not far from Donna Nook bombing range and we have jets flying everyday, so I am all for somewhere to chat about it!!

  12. Hi,

    I was wondering if you know what the options are to do a photo and video-shoot in this area? Or if you know whom i can contact about this subject?

    Hope to hear from you!

    Greetings M. Bruinsma

  13. To the Admin …
    FOX2.Co.UK has now closed …
    There is a MASSIVE Gap for a Dedicated Forum OUTSIDE of Facebook..

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