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RIAT 2017

We are fast approaching this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo, held between 14-16 July at RAF Fairford. Tickets for the Saturday have already sold out, showing the appetite for the Cotswolds event continues to prove extremely popular with families and aviation enthusiasts alike.

We often get asked about the likelihood of aircraft routing through the Mach Loop on their way to/from RIAT, with the the same adage always applying – definitely maybe!

If you are attending the airshow, you could always chat to the aircrews at RIAT itself, who generally speaking, are happy to give a heads-up on whether they intend to do the loop or the lakes on their way home.

Either way, RIAT continues to be a highlight of the UK Military aviation calendar each year, largely due to its ability to lure in some of the military aviation worlds finest aircraft in numbers.

You can find out more about RIAT on their website: airtattoo.com/airshow

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